Monday, June 22, 2009

Monster Love

I have always enjoyed sewing clothes and other stuff for the babies that I know. However after I thought about it, I realized that most of the babies that I have sewn for have been girls. There are all kinds of cute fabrics and patterns for little girls, but not so much for boys. I wanted to make some thing for my son; I was just waiting to find the right fabric. I was shopping last month with my mom and we came across this fabric with little monsters all over it. Finally something cute that was suitable for a little boy. After searching online for pants patterns for boys, I decided to use the free tutorial and trace around a pair that I already had.

Once I finished the pants I knew that I wanted to make a coordinating tee. I made a little onesie for a friend using the reverse applique technique so I decided to use the outline of one of the monsters from the shorts. As it is washed the edges will become softer. It also gave me an excuse to go ahead and buy the pinking shears that I've wanted. (They help stop fraying on woven fabrics like the cotton of the monsters. I cut the basic shape out using the pinking shears and then stitched around the line i drew using a disappearing ink marker for fabric. After that I cut out the monster shape from the onesie.

One of the things that I'm most proud of in the project was the little non-functional fly that I put in. It is kind of hard to see but here it is.

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