Saturday, October 22, 2011

Upcycle Halloween Costume

Part 1 done! I decided to make a fishing vest and bucket hat for Joel this year. When I went to look through my stash, I found an old pair of shorts with this great pocket.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Play Time

This morning I decided to try making some play dough. (Okay Joel was happily playing with the Play-Doh that he got in his Easter basket, and I thought he might like a few more colors.) I found this recipe online that used cornstarch and baking soda. I had everything on hand so I thought why not. Not sure why I had a 1 lb box of baking soda, but I did. It was a little tacky so as I was adding the color I used a little extra cornstarch. This also helped it not stick to my hands as I kneaded in the food coloring. We will see if Joel likes it as well as the Play-Doh. I think I may actually prefer the store bought stuff.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Fast!

Not to long ago Joel decided that he was fast. Anytime there is an area that he deems wide and long enough to run he will ask to go fast. As soon as he started doing this my mind went to The Flash. I knew that I wanted to make him a shirt with the flash logo on it. At first I thought that I would use freezer paper and paint it on but then changed my mind and decided to applique it instead. I really wanted to get the two colors and didn't want to take the time to make two stencils or wait on the paint dry.

I started with a red shirt from Walmart. Next I pulled up some images of The Flash's shirt on the internet. I had the basic image in my head, but wanted to get the details right. It also made the lightning bolt easier to recreate. Using PowerPoint I made the basic shape using straight lines. This helped me play around with sizing without having to redraw it over and over. Luckily I had a yellow t-shirt in my stash that was the right color. I then traced the images on to the paper side of Pellon Wonder-Under transfer web paper. After that I cut out the image and ironed it onto the backside of the t-shirts for the circle and lightning bolt. I knew that I wanted the edges to curl up a little so I cut out the pieces about a quarter of an inch outside of the transfer paper. (I still haven't mastered the satin stitch on the edges of an applique, and I wanted this to be a quick project.) Then I ironed down the circle and stitched around the outside about a quarter of an inch inside. Finally I did the same with the lightning bolt. We call this Joel's fast shirt. If you ever catch him wearing it, he might just tell you the same. Sorry all the action shots were to blurry to post. ;)