Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Harry

I love the way the snitch appears to be flying in this picture.

Did you guess right? I knew as soon as I saw Joel's scar that he had to be Harry Potter this year. I figured I had one more year to pick his costume so why not. I love the way the snitch turned out. I used golden felt and added wings to a basic ball. To get the detail that I wanted, I drew the basic shape and used this technique in a contrasting color to make it stand out.

I knew he wouldn't keep the glasses on so I just used some black felt and elastic to make them. They really look more like a mask then glasses, but that's okay. They were still cute for the 30 seconds he would leave them on. Since I had the snitch I wanted to make the Quidditch robes.

For the robe I bought a men's small tee in the right color and modified it by taking it in the shoulders and shortening the sleeves and bottom. I added the felt in the front to mimic the way the the robes tied in the movies. Overall I liked the illusion that the costume gave. He already had the broom so no extra cost there. His papa helped him find a wand in the back yard, and his costume was complete.

My little seeker catching his snitch

Flying with Mema

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