Monday, August 10, 2009

flowers and balls

I can't believe my summer is almost over. I haven't done as much creating as I hoped, but with a baby in the house and out of town visits (which I thoroughly enjoyed) what did I expect.

A while back I found some fabric with polka dots and flowers on a navy background. I thought that it would make a cute dress so I went ahead and got it. The original design plan that I had in my mind didn't happen. I made it up in another fabric and hated it as a dress. I turned it into an okay skirt that I may or may not wear. What I did accomplish was figuring out fold over elastic or FOE and a rolled hem with my serger. I have plans to do another skirt later that uses these same techniques. After abandoning my first design idea I purchased a McCall's pattern (M5879)where you pick the top and skirt you want to design your own dress. I chose a scoop neck and pleated skirt. I think that it came out pretty cute.

Recently I came across this really cute idea for using fabric scraps. I first saw the idea on her blog my lily eden. She calls it alphabet soup. I didn't have time or the fabrics that I wanted to make the whole alphabet so I thought I would start with Joel's name. He has fun chewing on them and throwing them around.

I thought that the O would be the easiest letter since it is basically and elipse. (Elipse is the offical term for the shape formally known as an oval. Sorry it's the fourth grade teacher coming out in me.) Surprisingly it turned out the be the toughest. I'm not sure if it was becase my guide lines were not drawn as well as the others or if it was all the curves. The J is my favorite. If you like the idea there is a give away going on here for an alphebet soup kit.

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